Friday, January 16, 2009

Maple Oatmeal Bread - Part Two

Continuing the recipe:
  1. Turn the bread out of the rising bowl and cut it into two pieces. A bench knife does a great job for this. You can make two round loaves or put the dough into two greased loaf pans (this is what I did).
  2. Allow the bread to rise for about 45 more minutes. Meanwhile preheat the oven to 375.

  • Bake at 375 for about 35 - 40 minutes.
The loaves turned out really pretty and smelled so good (wish I could convey that on a blog!)

I love this Hensperger cookbook. My copy is literally falling apart at the seams as you can see below, but I continue to use it over and over.

I made homemade pimento cheese and had a pimento cheese sandwich for supper on this delicious bread.

If you are interested, I use my mother's method to make pimento cheese -
  • You grate a lot of cheese (this was about 3/4 pound). I used my food processor with the grating wheel to grate the cheese. I use good cheese: Cabot sharp cheddar which was on sale this week at Whole Foods
  • I bought a jar of roasted peppers and chopped them into smaller pieces - you can see the jar in the back left of the picture.
  • I poured the cut pimentos and the juice from their jar into the cheese.
  • Then I grind pepper over the mix until it looks right (probably about 1/8 tsp).
  • I shake a little salt,
  • Worcestershire sauce - about 1/4 tsp, if that
  • a few drops of Tabasco,
  • a pinch of sugar and
  • just enough mayonnaise to make it spreadable....
And there it is - done and delicious.
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Mrs. Arrow said...

Just found your post tonight. I'm planning to make this bread for my daughters, 8 and 5. Tried years ago before they were born, complete disaster. (bread or brick?)
Willing to have another go! Thanks so much for the step by steps!!!!
Happy New Year, I'll be reading your blog often.

Mrs. Arrow said...

Dear Linda,
I just made the bread, and it tastes wonderful! I can't thank you enough. Plan on making it again.
Just one question, the top got really crusty, still tastey though. Is it suppose to be that way?
Anyway, boy are the girls going to enjoy their lunches. Thanks again.